Remote Coding Services

Remote coding is a convenient and cost-effective solution to meet your coding demands. Our remote medical coding program provides your health system with  experienced scan technicians who will scan the medical records you provide and make them electronically available to a medical coder. Our program allows us to scan and code any type of medical record including inpatient discharges, observation services, emergency department services, outpatient/ancillary services and same day surgery. We do the scanning, not your department. We can offer you savings of 20% or more off the rates of travel medical coders.

Regardless of whether the coding will be done by the medical facility internal coding staff or Maxim’s remote coding services, the scanned documents will be available for coding within moments of scan completion.

The Maxim Difference

For remote inpatient coding, which will be completed by Maxim coders, your medical facility can expect discharges to be coded within 48 hours of being scanned. Our aggressive quality assurance program provides a 95% coding accuracy. Maxim will audit 3% of all charts coded by Maxim. The results will be shared with the liaison for the medical facility health system. Maxim is an experienced provider of both remote and on-site coding services. Our Remote Coding services will include the following deliverables:

  • Efficient and cost-effective remote coding services, eliminating costly travel expenses
  • Hardware for scanning: Fujitsu scanner and IBM ThinkPad laptop
  • Qualified scan technicians to scan Emergency Department and Outpatient Surgery Encounters, as well as Inpatient Discharges
  • Quality assurance plan ensuring a 95% DRG accuracy for inpatient discharges coded by Maxim coders
  • Inpatient discharges coded within 48 hours after record is scanned
  • Initial training and support for medical facility coder(s) on use of digital imaging software
  • Certified and qualified remote coding professionals
  • Expert and professional management team

Our qualified medical coding staff will apply ICD-9-CM coding conventions, official ICD-9-CM Coding Guidelines, CMS regulations and policies and DRG optimization techniques, as well as reference the AHA's Coding Clinic.

Our certified and qualified medical coding staff has a minimum of 3 years experience in inpatient facility (DRG) coding. Our coders carry one or a combination of the following credentials: RHIA, RHIT and/or CCS. We search our database to find the medical coder that matches the needs of your medical center.

Medical Facility Health System Deliverables

  • Remote access to encoder for entering all codes
  • Work area for scan technician including a 5x2 desk/table
  • High-Speed internet access for scan technician
  • Staff to collect, assemble and analyze medical records for scanning, ensuring as complete a record as possible
  • Ensure approximately 60 medical records are available for scanning each day
  • Designate a point of contact to serve as liaison between the medical facility health system and Maxim staff

We invite you to discover what makes Maxim one of the leading medical outsourcing companies for medical coding. Contact us today to learn more about our cost-effective remote coding services.